Jack Merluzzi

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•Jack has been chosen for the Nissin Cup Noodle “Survive” campaign!

•Jack returns to voice several characters on NHK’s Little Charo 4!

•テレビCM放送中 Rosetta Stone ナレーション
Jack continues to represent Rosetta Stone as their Corporate Identity voice!http://www.nissinfoods.co.jp/product/cm/http://www.nissinfoods.co.jp/product/cm/https://cgi2.nhk.or.jp/charo/index.cgihttp://www.maru-z.com/Samples/Rosetta_Stone.htmlhttp://www.maru-z.com/Samples/Rosetta_Stone.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4




Jack Merluzzi

サンプルsample: TVCM

by Jack Merluzzi

サンプルSample: キャラクター

by Jack Merluzzi

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ジャック マルジ ナレーター 声優


For inquires, please contact:

担当: 小畑 Shinji Kobata

Managing Director

(日本語 or English)





東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷2-2-12 LM506


ALC Press Inc.
Asahi Press

Benesse - Oyako Eigo educational video, character voices

Birdland Oral Communication I
Diamond, Inc.
Eichosha Co., Ltd.
Eiken Test
Esprit Line
The Hokuseido Press
Kinseido various titles including “The Road Less Traveled”
Kyoiku Shuppan various titles including:

  1. -- One World English Course

  2. -- New Crown English Series
    - New Legend English

Pearson Education Japan, Longman
Narumido Shuppan - Eiken
NAN'UN-DO various titles including IELTS International English Language Testing System sample tests
Soshinkai Shuppansha
Tosho Shoseki - STEP Test - "Interviewer" (on camera)
Yumi Press
and English listening tests for many high schools and colleges throughout Japan.


TV, Radio, & Magazine Regular Appearances

Sony - Viewsic Express Warp logos for CS music channel
Nissan - "Private Primera" Debut Campaign
Nissin - "Cup Noodle Super Rookie Shio" Campaign
GALF clothing - Iwate Pref. Campaign
Yokohama Tire - "Eco-Tire" Campaign
AFLAG Insurance - "Splash" & "Impact" CM for overseas use
Mori Building - "Mori Serviced Apartments" Campaign
Nissan - "Cube, My Room" Debut Campaign
Fields (Gaming Centers)
Nissin - "Cup Noodle World Cup" CM for overseas use
Wincl - "Small Kiss" campaign
NHK BS1 HiVision - "J-League Supporter" promos
Dunlop Golf - "XXIO Digital Impact" Campaign

Asahi TV - SmaStation - Featured Actor “Samurai Spirit”, "Tipping"

CNN English Express

Fuji TV - Ponkikis - Bakuchu's Room - Voice of 'Yamachu' for English broadcast

New English Wave - Host, Features Presenter

NHK Educational - Lil’ Charo - Voice of ‘Dread’, various other characters

NHK radio - Business Eikaiwa - Voice of Kensuke (featured character, regular)

NHK radio - Shin Kiso Eigo 1 - Voice of Andy Smith (featured character, regular)

NHK World - Cool Japan - Voice of Mr. Kokami and others for English broadcast

NHK World - DigiSta - Voice of George Williams, Mr. Nakaya and others for English Broadcast

PC Game, Anime & Cartoon Character Voices

Atlus - Character voice for game center Print Club machines

Shogakukan Production - ZOIDS Fuzors (for export to US)- Characters: Blake, Dr. Piers, Billy, Rastaini's father, others
Kokus - WWE - Characters: Referee, Ring Announcer, various wrestlers and spectators
Konami - Cy Girls - Trailer & Character voice for release at E3 Convention in Las Vegas
Konami - Evolution Snowboarding (USA/PS2 release) - Characters: Chinese Stage Boss RON, Japanese Zako, Mysterious Voice, Pilot

Konami- Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence “Existence” Narrator

Konami - Power Pro Baseball Character: Jack Merluzzi/Play-by-play announcer

Namco - Tekken 5/Tekken 5 “Dark Resurection” Characters: Raven, system voice
SEGA - F-Zero Racer for PS2 - Characters: Black Shadow, Diagoroh, QQQ, Beastman, Announcer, Newscaster, system narration

Transformers - Characters: Starscream (Decepticon), Grotusque, Bumblebee, Ratchet (Autobots)

Industry & Promotional Videos

MRI International Inc. MARS presentation
CEL English Solutions - English Guide Examination preparation test
Honda - Smart Avenue customer service courses
Teikoku Oil Co. "Open the Door to the Future" presentation
Daicel Chemical Industries "Innovation for Tomorrow" presentation
Toki Messe Convention Complex - introductory presentation
NYK Group "The Earth is our Home" presentation
Hitachi - Solazure bifacial solar modules presentation
Intel Developer Forum Spring 2003 - Live Announcer Backstage
Hitachi High-Technologies - e-Diagnostics presentation
NTT DoCoMo - "Beyond IMT-2000: IP2" presentation
Frisk - "Sharpens You Up" presentation
The National Tax College - tour video
Mitsubishi Cable Industries presentation
Honda - Asian Pacific Service "Service 30" campaign
Kyodo Safety Video - Avoiding Debris-Flow Disasters"
Speechworks - Voice recognition testing
UFJ Holdings - Interim results presentation
The Asahi Glass Foundation - "Blue Planet Prize" announcement
Univers Volunteers - "Extending the Light of Hope from Kobe"
B2B Big Bang Conference 2001- Narration
English voice of 119 & 110 automated emergency answering systems for Kawasaki, Beppu, Matsuyama and other areas

Educational Material

Stage Productions

Tokyo Comedy Store (Monthly Show)

  1. -Improv Performer, Stage Mgr.

Tokyo International Players (TIP)

  1. -“Oliver!” - Fagin

  2. -“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” - Technical Advisor

- "What the Butler Saw" - Asst. Stage Mgr.
- "The Case of the Missing Nose" - Asst. Sound, Set Crew

- "Amadeus" - Asst. Stage Mgr.

Tokyo Theatre For Children (TTFC)

- “The Magical Land of OZ!” The Cowardly Lion
- "Treasure Island" - Pirate Peww, Ben Gunn, Piggaloo Chief

Jack Merluzzi began as a radio DJ in the US when he was 14 years old.

His experience is now reaping dividends for many clients both in Japan and worldwide.


Scroll down for a sample of the many projects Jack has worked on while in Japan.