Our Space

Our Space は、渋谷区幡ヶ谷にてリハーサルラウンジとして運営をしており、ワークショップ、舞台稽古、その他のクラスやプライベートパーティーなどどしてご利用いただけます。

Our Space

We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding measures to prevent  coronavirus infectious diseases.

Private rehearsal lounge, three minutes walk from Hatagaya Station in Shibuya. Perfect for workshops, rehearsals, classes, and, with a full service bar, parties with friends! 

- Performers

- Theater Groups

- Photographers

- Workshops

- Private parties

Open only by request. Please contact us to arrange a tour or discuss scheduling or rental rates.

Our Space is located in the Toei Apartment Building Complex:

151-0072 Tokyo, Shibuya, Hatagaya 2-1-1#108

151-0072 東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷2-1-1-108号

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担当: 小畑

Shinji Kobata

Managing Director

(日本語 or English)



e-mail: kobata at maru-z.com